Noctis Syndicate A gambling platform for the Star Wars Combine. NS includes racing, betting, a lottery system, and banking. Originally written in Lua as an iOS and Android app, then ported to MakoServer using Lua Server Pages, to now written in PHP7.
Uncivilized Uncivilized is a continuation of Asciinsion. An ascii-inspired RPG with the focus on planetary domination. The player is responsible for leveling up, taking over towns, building an army, and many other facets that are up to the player. Written in Lua using BearLibTerminal.
Auxiliary Inpired by the Star Wars Combine but set in an ascii-themed art style. Written in Lua using the LOVE2D platform. Soon to be ported to BLT. Command a ship, explore a procedurally generated galaxy, and build a successful faction.
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